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Topic 1: The Plight of the Ethiopian Jews

Lesson Plan    PDF

Optional Activities and Materials:
Initial Preparation for Teachers and In-class Pre-Lesson Focus    PDF
My Journal: Journey toward Tzedakah (Teacher)    PDF
My Journal: Journey toward Tzedakah (Students)   PDF
Knowledge Chart    PDF
Map of Contemporary Africa   PDF
Map of Contemporary Ethiopia (Teacher)    PDF
Map of Contemporary Ethiopia (Student - Blank)    PDF


1. Cuba (Cece Wasserman, 2000)
2. Ethiopia (Liat Klarfeld, 2003)
3. Iran (Lillian Baharestani, 2005)
4. Philippines (Eadie Shanker, 2003)
5. United States (Richard Sheftman, 2005)
6. Yemen (Zion Ozeri, 1984)


"Left Behind - The Forgotten Jews of Ethiopia"

List of Jewish Values   PDF

Feedback Forms
Feedback Form: Topic 1   PDF