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Project Ideas and Materials

Here are some suggestions for your Mitzvah Project. You can choose to organize a one-time event or do ongoing activites. You can also link your project to a theme or holiday.

thermometerCreate an Online Fundraising Page

or your own webpage, please send a personal message, photograph and fundraising goal to The webpage will include a thermometer that will track your progress.

cardsSell NACOEJ Cards

Sell beautiful cards featuring the unique Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd.

Order form and view image of card.

basketballRun A "Thon"

Raise funds through a basketball dunk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, or other types of "thon". Arrange for relatives, friends and classmates to sponsor you for set fees each time you perform the chosen activity.

candleMake Tzedakkah Boxes

Design and distribute tzedakkah (charity) boxes for your project.

See sample.

candleEthiopian Coffee Night

Invite friends to an Ethiopian (decaf) coffee night. Serve Ethiopian coffee for a donation.

Learn about the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.

candleShare Your Lunch

Make and sell lunch bags or lunch bag stickers. The money you raise will feed Ethiopian-Jewish children. Or, have your school lunch program offer to add to the cost of a meal and donate the rest to feed Ethiopian children.

candleBake-Sale or Craft Fair

Hold a fair and sell anything you want to make, such as cakes, lemonade or craft items.

candlePassover Help

Host a model seder in honor of the modern-day Exodus of Jews from Ethiopia to Israel.

Read about a Model Seder with a special theme.

candleEthiopian Jewry Day

Plan an event to teach others about Ethiopian-Jewish traditions, such as Sigd, or major events in Ethiopian Jewish history, such as

Learn about Sigd.
Read about Sigd in Israel
Learn about Operation Solomon

candlePurim Baskets

Make and deliver Mishloach Manot (baskets of food) on Purim for donations. Or ask that people donate to your cause instead of giving extra Mishloach Manot.>

Learn about Mishloach Manot Fundraising.

candleBar/Bat Mitzvah Corner

Teach your classmates about Ethiopian Jewry. Organize a class or school event. Incorporate your project into your Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech. Put out info about Ethiopian Jewry at your celebration.

Learn about the Twinning Program.

candleMovie Night

Host a movie night and show a film about Ethiopian Jewry.

Contact us for recommended movies.

candleCreate and Sell Cards

Get creative and make your own greeting cards. Include a description of your project. Sell them to family and friends.

candleFeature Your Cause at a Celebration

Get creative by designing invitations with Ethiopian Jewish graphics. Include an insert with your invitation about your project. Create Ethiopian-themed centerpieces and place cards. Provide tips for your guests on how they can help your cause.